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2 Yr. Chemical-Free Natural Flea & Tick Prevention Tag for Cats and Dogs

2 Yr. Chemical-Free Natural Flea & Tick Prevention Tag for Cats and Dogs

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This CatanDog's natural Flea & Tick Repellent Tag is the original chemical-free multi-year repellent that has been selling globally for over 20 years. It is made with Aluminum, 1" diameter and 0.1" thick. When attached to a cat or dog's collar, the tag synchronizes with the electromagnetic field generated by the heart, and creates a protective field that repels fleas, ticks. It requires a 30-day activation period, during which the cat/dog must be free of fleas and ticks and their eggs and larvae. In the absence of this precondition, the tag may take upto 60 days for activation, and results are not guaranteed. For continuous protection, the tag must be kept on the cat/dog at all times, and must not be removed from the cat/dog even for a short period of time. Removing the tag will require the tag to undergo the activation again. The effectiveness of this Tag is guaranteed within 30 days of introduction to the pet, if used as prescribed, and is one of the safest available flea and tick repellents in the market, that is effective for 2 years and comes with a 2 year warranty from the supplier. Benefits of this FleasGone Tag: - 2 yrs of natural protection - chemical-free and zero side-effects - safe for all ages cats and dogs - safe for children to be around - water resistant and waterproof - risk-free and hassle-free repellent

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