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Gastrointestinal Support Supplement

Gastrointestinal Support Supplement

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VIVUS' Gastrointestinal Support Supplement Chews are ideal for dogs of any age, especially those with a sensitive system. Our sustainable and plant-based EPA and DHA from algae oil and organic turmeric which have beneficial systemic anti-inflammatory effects, especially within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. We also carefully selected organic prebiotics and probiotics to balance healthy flora.

Our Gastrointestinal Support Supplement is entirely plant-based and contains none of the most common canine allergens, making it appropriate as an anti-inflammatory and immune boosting supplement for some dogs with allergic dermatologic or gastrointestinal disease. The active ingredients are natural and botanical, providing gentle support without the risk of adverse side effects.

o Prebiotics and probiotics aid digestion
o Enzyme co-Q10 for symbiotic support of gut health
o Omega 3 EPA + DHA anti-inflammatory effect
o No common canine allergens (animal proteins, corn, wheat, soy)
o No artificial color or preservatives
o Gluten-free
o 100% human grade ingredients
o Tasty all natural plant-based "chick'n" flavour

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