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Goji Powder - Vision, Irregular Growth & Pancreatic Support* The Petz Kitchen

Goji Powder - Vision, Irregular Growth & Pancreatic Support* The Petz Kitchen

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GOJI POWDER is a woody shrub with vines that is found prominently in the Amazon rain forests. It produces bright orange and red or black fleshy fruit, with a sweet and tangy flavor. It is classified as a super antioxidant (highest levels of beta-carotene than all edible plants on earth) as well as super fruit, super food and adaptogen.

GOJI POWDER is used in South American traditional medical systems to help address conditional needs related to vision health and vision decline (may increase zeaxanthin antioxidant activity within 90 days.) It is also used to help address excessive inflammation and inflammatory diseases, irregular tissues, skin health and much more.

GOJI POWDER has a diverse nutritional and natural plant chemical profile which includes a variety of antioxidant, 11 free carotenoids, including alpha, beta and apoco carotenoids and 7 carotenoid esters, 18 amino acids making it potentially an invaluable support for vision decline. It also includes Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and B2, and Vitamin C, alkaloids, sterols, terpenoids, amides, flavonoids, a variety of natural acids, including galacturonic acid, polysaccharides, betaine, kukoamine, phenylpropanoids, glycerogalactolipids, lignans, coumarins, anthraquinones, and peptide content.

GOJI POWDER is used therapeutically for a wide variety of wellness applications including:

>VISION HEALTH(* use for a minimum of 90 days for best results)

May protect the eyes against damaging UV light, oxidative stress and free radical damage to myelin sheath and delicate eye tissues*

Rich in amino acids and antioxidants, especially mixed carotenoids including beta-carotene and zeaxanthin which feed the macular and retina*

May help address conditional needs of macular degeneration, including cataracts and glaucoma, by protecting retinal ganglion cells that result in eye disease once damaged*


Due to its high mixed carotenoids base such as beta-carotene, it may help promote skin health and may help reduce skin irritation

May help counteract skin disorders and the negative effects of UV sun exposure due to its complex antioxidant base

It may help promote elasticity of the skin and help manage the impact of aging on skin by helping scavenge damaging free radicals

May help perform as a primary anti-neoplastic, which may help inhibit the growth and spread of tumors or malignant cells due to its content of Vitamin C, zeaxanthin and carotenoids, which may have specific actions against irregular cells, and may help slow the formation of irregular growths

GOJI POWDER may also have important cellular protecting plant actions, including to help reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy and may help boost the effectiveness of cancer treatments


May help support immune function and immune balance, critical components for maintaining health and possibly avoiding illness (antioxidant, ORAC values)

May help fight excessive inflammation


May help affect blood glucose regulation by controlling the release of sugar into the blood

May help balance insulin and glucose levels in the blood

May also help increase good cholesterol HDL levels in the blood for pets with type 2 diabetes

May help lower bad cholesterol LDL levels in the blood


Perhaps one of the most compelling and studied plant constituents of GOJI POWDER is related to its water-soluble glycoconjugates, identified as arabinogalactan-proteins, commonly known as polysaccharides or LBPs. LBP's have a particular affinity for metabolizing carbohydrates, converting them into energy, delivering fiber, but also maintaining the health of the (GA) gastro-intestinal tract, as well as affecting digestion and distribution of nutrition to tissues, cells and organs.

GOJI POWDER may be superior to Goji berries as berries can bypass your pet's digestive system. Also, it is water and fat soluble, it can be mixed into wet foot or baked and cooked up to 350 degrees without degrading its nutritional and phytochemical, health benefits.

GOJI POWDER is an adaptogen. An adaptogen performs an alterative action and may help the body deal with and build resistance to stress. Adaptogens are highly specialized class of plants which help carry out what we call the 3> R function, or Read, Repair, Restore.

GOJI POWDERmay help read dysfunction and deficiency, work to help nutritionally and phytochemically repair deficiencies as well as work to help restore homeostasis-or body system balance.


Goji Powder

Available in 2 oz. shakers and 4 oz., and 8 oz. pouches.


Do not give to pregnant or nursing pets nor pets with allergies to berries. Goji Powder is highly cautioned for use with blood pressure and diabetic medications, as use may cause levels to drop too low. Monitor your pets blood pressure and blood sugar levels regularly.


Interacts with blood thinners, blood pressure medications, some diabetic drugs and medications that are changed by the liver known as Cytochrome P450 2C9 (CYP2C9) substrates. Consult your vet for more information.


Cautioned for use with blood thinners and blood pressure medications and some diabetic and liver drugs. Consult your vet for more information.


Add powder to your dog or cat's meal daily. Best if added to canned wet food, home prepared meals and treats, raw, dehydrated or hybrid diets. Can be safely cooked or baked up to 350 degrees.


1-10 lbs. 1/8 tsp 11-25 lbs 1/4 tsp 26-50 lbs. 1/2 tsp 51-75 lbs. 3/4 tsp 76+ lbs. 1 tsp Use for at least 30 days to see initial results and suggested to use for 90 days minimally for best results.

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