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Staff Meeting* Idiopathic Skin & Coat Infection* Support For Dogs And Cats*

Staff Meeting* Idiopathic Skin & Coat Infection* Support For Dogs And Cats*

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All too often our dogs and cats are identified as having "idiopathic" or unknown skin and coat conditions. Idiopathic means there is a known condition but the reason for the condition cannot be diagnosed by a veterinarian. An idiopathic infection or skin diagnosis is often upsetting to pet parents because while they are aware that their pet has a health problem, they do not know how to address it.

STAFF MEETING* IDIOPATHIC SKIN and COAT INFECTION* was formulated and is used holistically in a traditional, herbal medical system for its broad-spectrum anti-microbial properties against numerous strains of bacteria, viruses, fungi, microbes, Candida and yeast related to psoriasis, eczema, pruritus (itchy skin), scabies, boils, skin ulcers, abscess, skin sores, rashes, skin and blood infections and idiopathic dematosis, bumps, and raised pustules.

May also help support relief of itching, pain, discomfort, swelling, and redness related to insect bites such as wasps, fire ants, mosquitoes, bees, and cuts, abrasions and allergic plant reactions such as poison ivy or allergic skin allergies.

Part of the way the plant ingredients in STAFF MEETING* work is to help interfere with an enzyme process ( (transcriptase and protease)required by bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, allergens and other pathogens to replicate and spread while also being directly toxic to many viruses, bacteria, fungi and microbes that cause skin, coat and blood infections.

Additionally, STAFF MEETING* may help dogs and cats manage pain sensations related to wounds and infections due to its plant actions to help block the activation of nerve fibers tasked with sending pain signals to the brain, andits wound healing actions which may help reduce scarring and pain at the wound and infection site.

STAFF MEETING* IDIOPATHIC SKIN and COAT INFECTION* contains a multi-blend of adaptogen herbs which are used holistically as an anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, analgesic (pain relieving) and disinfectant for skin diseases, to help support general interruptions to skin and coat, including wounds, sores, bruises, skin eruptions, irritations, and erysipelas and for its studied in vivo and in vitro actions to stimulate immune cell activity, including interferon, Interleukin II, and Interleukin 4 cells.

What this means is that STAFF MEETING* may help increase immune cell activity focused on identifying and removing foreign cells like bacteria or irregular skin formations, while suppressing excessive anti-inflammatory processes and increasing interferon production, which are the the natural, healthy killer cell activity needed to fight skin and coat infections and problems.

STAFF MEETING* also contains tonic herbs which gently help to cleanse and detoxify the liver, kidneys, gall bladder, pancreas and blood, vital actions to remove toxin build up in tissues, cells and organs.

Did you know that if excess inflammation is not controlled, it can open up disease pathways? STAFF MEETING* has a unique role in managing excess inflammation, accomplished by Type 1 Th-helper cell pathways which may help control excess pro-inflammatory cytokine activity by stimulating Type 2 Th-2 helper cells, which work directly to counterbalance too much inflammation. Combined with its enzyme process to inhibit pathogen adherence, it may help deliver a fortified defense to idiopathic skin and coat problems.

Documented plant tannin, elagitannin, antioxidants, proanthocyanidins; novel sesquiterpenes, lignans, alkaloids, benzenoids, phenylpropanoids andflavonoids; triterpenes and plant steroidshave been studiedin vitro against several pathogens, includingBacillus, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, E. coli, Candida, Aspergillus, , Neisseria gonorrhea, Shigella, Schistosomiasis, Leishmaniasis, guinea worms, andHerpes simplex type 1, demonstrating reverse transcriptase inhibitory effects.

Stronglyantibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, anti-septic, anti-Candidal, anti-microbial, (internal and external bacterial infections), anti-molluscicidal, anti-mycoplasmal, antiamebic,antiprotozoal,antispasmodic, anti-itch,vulnerary (wound healer), anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, collagen producing, smooth muscle relaxing,anesthetic, anti-allergic,digestive,anti-tumoral,hepatoprotective (liver protector), hepatonic (tones, balances, strengthens the liver), hypotensive (lowers blood pressure), anti-edmic, insecticidal, anti-histamine, pesticidal, protisticidal, termiticidal, schistosomicidal, viricidal, anti-anxietyand immunomodulating (selectively lowers overactive immune cells) plant actions.


Incudes a proprietary herbal blend which includes Copaiba and Achiote.

Our capsules and powder are flavored with real turkey (no digest) for great taste and scent acceptability.


Do not give to pregnant or nursing pets or pets diagnosed with hypoglycemia.


May potentiates diuretic, insulin, anti-diabetic, hypoglycemic, cardiac depressant, immune suppressant, CNS depressant, barbiturate and anti-hypertensive (ACE-inhibitor) drugs.


Cautioned for pets using diuretic, insulin, anti-diabetic, hypoglycemic, heart medications and blood pressure lowering drugs without vet supervision.


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